– Bamboo dish brush (Zero Waste Store)
– Biodegradable sponge (Zero Waste Store)
– Dish soap (Blueland) or Dish soap block (Zero Waste Store)
– Salad spinner so you can buy greens that come without the packaging and easily wash them at home. Easily find on Amazon.

– Produce bags for the grocery store. These are great for veggies and produce.  These are great for the bulk section like oats and nuts. 

– Bamboo Toothbrushes (Amazon has great ones and so does Bite)
– Toothpaste bites (Bite)
– Hand soap tablets (Blueland) WITH foaming soap dispenser (Zero Waste Store). Or you can purchase entire kits through Blueland.
– Floss (Bite or Zero Waste Store)
– Shampoo and conditioner bars (Zero Waste Store) These are literally the only bars we’ve discovered that don’t leave hair feeling waxy. They’re absolutely amazing).
– Bath soap bars (Dr. Bronners generally has soap bars at your local grocery store or find other soap bars at Zero waste store.)

– Bamboo utensils (at your local heath food grocery store or at Zero Waste Store)
– Reusable straws (bet your local coffee shops sell them! Or at Zero Waste Store)
– Reusable mugs/cups (most places are not accepting reusable cups due to COVID)
– When you order food to-go, say no utensils needed